Bubble Hockey

The ICE Super Chexx Bubble Hockey Table is the original and still the best dome hockey game around. In this classic arcade game, two players control five hockey players each by sliding and spinning the rods, trying to knock the black puck into each others goals. The automatic puck return system serves the hockey puck by popping it up from the middle of the playing field after every goal. For a truly exceptional bubble hockey experience, the overhead scoring mechanism records goals, shots on goal, period, and running time.

Live action sounds with legendary Sabres announcer
Rick Jeanneret on play-by-playPlayer rods control all 5 men and goalie

Smooth ICE for unmatched game play

Indestructible Lexan “bubble” dome

Electronics record Goals, Shots, Period, Running Time (adjustable) & Boo button.

Automatic puck return and eject system with overhead bubble dome lighting


U.S.A. & Canadian anthems included

External volume knob & on/off switch

Dome swings open for easy cleaning

Aluminum cabinet – strong, durable & light


Size 60″d x 36″w x 54″ tallĀ  Weight 130 lbs

Amusements Unlimited Company
12 Magee Avenue
Stamford CT, 06902