All Star Team Order of Merit

Every 6 month we put together an All-Star team of 10 players to play against the Waterbury Dart League All-Star team.  The team will be selected by your individual stats from the past 3 seasons (1 full year).  I will continue to update this page with the Order of Merit at the completion of each season.  This way everybody knows where they stand, and favoritism is completely taken out of the equation.  The Top 8 players from the list who can make the event will earn an automatic spot.  The last two “Wild Card” spots will be determined by a one day tournament style qualifier open to all eligible league players.

Current Order of Merit

Top 25

(2018 Fall, 2018 Summer, 2018 Winter)

1 – Michael Bowers

2 – Cris Antipuesto

3 – Aidan Houghton

T4 – Junior Ahat

T4 – Rich Frattaroli

T4 – T.J. Herlihy

7 – George Jags

8 – Jason Cossifos

9 – Anthony Marton

T10 – Gerson Anariba

T10 – Tommy Richter

12 – Robbie Byrne

T13 – Matt Bova

T13 – Dwayne Morgan

T15 – Dan Vergez

T15 – Frank Murray

17 – Scott Vitolins

18 – Walter Hernandez

19 – Kyle Allen

20 – Henry Jones

21 – Kevin Zipperstein

22 – Joey Ramos

23 –  Spencer Ginsberg

24 – Emilo Devita

25 – Danny Fay


The order was calculated the following way;

Each players Point per Dart average over all 501 games played over the past year (3 seasons) were calculated and ranked in order, this is your league rank for PPD.  For example; if you had the 5th highest average in the league your rank for PPD would be 5, the same was done for you Marks per Round in Cricket.  This gives you two separate ranks.  Those two ranks were then averaged to give you a final PPD/MPR ranking.  That final ranking average was then sorted to give the final order which is reflected by the final Order of Merritt.

For example;

If you finished 8th overall in PPD and 12th overall in MPR, your PPD/MPR rank average would be 10 (average of 8 and 12).  It’s very cut and dry.  To be eligible for this list you must have played, and been playoff eligible in 2 of the 3 seasons.  I also only took into consideration players in A and A1, as they have to double out in all 501 games which brings down averages.  Below is a link to a spreadsheet with all the calculations of the Top 25.