Deadpool is the “Merc with a Mouth”. He is an irreverent, disfigured and deeply disturbed mercenary and assassin who has superhuman physical prowess and accelerated healing. Pinball players battle Deadpool’s iconic Marvel foes, team up with Deadpool’s X-Men buddies, go on Time Travel Quests, and revel in Deadpool’s irreverent attitude.

We chose to use comic book art rather than images from the 2 “R” rated (grown up audiences only) 2015 and 2018 movies, each grossing near $1 billion. Deadpool will appear in many more Marvel movies, remaining in the
public eye. As great as the movie images are, the comic book style art
jumps out. Now famous pinball artist Zombie Yeti made this game bright, colorful and absolutely stunning.

LCD display art matches with original animation, not lifted movie scenes.
It has the look and feel of 1980’s video fighting games. No, there is no video play mode; the LCD animation is activated by hitting targets and reflects playfield action. Barcades have introduced a large millennial population to 80’s video, and pinball, not just in America but more and more throughout the world. See the attached pictures of LCD display fight scenes, with weapons that players can collect on left and Deadpool’s Marvel character friends across the bottom.

The Pro game play is executed with:
– 3 bank drop targets with multi-ball lock
– Lil’ Deadpool spring articulated custom molded bash toy target
with pivot action
– 2 stainless steel and wire ramps – no plastic ramps
– Crossing combo ramp shots that feed right flipper to left ramp,
then left flipper to right
– Katana Sword ramp in stainless steel with multi-ball lock
in illuminated handle
– Two spinner targets (Dazzler and Wolverine)
– Colossus inner loop shot with Colossal jackpot target
– Ricochet target accessing the left ramp
– “Hell House” scoop
– 1 Control Gate and 1 One Way Gate access pop bumpers
– D E A D – P O O L stand up targets
– Front molding mounted multifunction RGB “Boom” button
– Back panel featuring illumination to track Battle Mode
& Quest progress
– All plastic posts and guides in Deadpool Red
– Soundtrack features 11 original tunes composed for the game
and sound effects celebrating 80’s pinball
– Original art hand-drawn by Zombie Yeti