Fast and Furious Super Cars

Fast & Furious Supercars was retired last year, but due to popular demand, Raw Thrills has now released this slightly updated version of the hit video arcade driver, without the ” Fast & Furious ” branding ! SuperCars 2 features (27) race tracks, (10) exotic racing cars, and a pounding digital sound system for true racing realism, and is linkable up to 8 players. It features a PIN Account System for players, which helps builds long-term player loyalty without expensive card-based systems. Players compete head-to-head by racing on different road courses, and increase their scores by performing various stunts ! Super Cars 2014 features multiple levels of driving difficulty, and players can choose from many tricked-out race cars. And when players registers there information via the on-board Keypad ID System, it lets them build their own custom car collection, and keeps track of their game data and display the player name on the car license plate!

Amusements Unlimited Company
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Stamford CT, 06902