Typhoon Simulator

Typhoon is media-based motion simulator created by Triotech. It is a 3D arcade machine with 2 seats for people to sit in including 15 films where it can shake and drop. The machine delivers up to 2G Forces of acceleration.

Astro Pinball

Audiences see a pinball machine from the point of view of a pinball .

Haunted Mine

The ride is set in a haunted mine.

Canyon Coaster

The ride goes through a stormy canyon and later through a mine.

Ravine Racer

Flying racing cars go through a mountainous area.

Road Hoggers

Pigs ride on four different vehicles on the farm.

Rats Race

Mice have a race inside a house.

Air Fighter

Audiences see an air fighter facing off against a robot craft.

Safari Adventure

The endangered species rescue team saves a baby rhino from poachers.

Speed Coaster

Audiences see a custom-designed rocket powered roller coaster.

Road Fury

Audiences see a real live grand prix.

Snow Ride

The ride is set in a snowy forest.

Hover Chase

Audiences see hovers racing through the streets.

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