General Rules

General Rules

It is the responsibility of the team captains to organize their team to show for game night.


The games are determined by the Galaxy league format, designated before the first night of play, and will remain the same throughout the entire season.

Players may use their own Darts as long as they do not exceed eight inches in length and do not exceed twenty grams in weight.

Bars will not charge a cover to dart players during league play.

All Galaxy games shall have a foul line positioned eight feet  from the dart board face, noted by a mark on the right side of the machine. Players may throw from up to the front of the foul line.

Any roster changes, additions or deletions must be submitted to the league office at least one day in advanced prior to next leagues match via email.  This is the only time you can manually add a player to the board manually.


A player released from one team and waiting to play for another team must have written permission from the team captains to play for the other team.  The letter must be turned into the league office and approved one week before that player will be able to shoot.  A player already on a roster can sub for another team as long as it is a team in a higher division.  For example a B league player can sub for an A league team, but an A league player can’t sub for a B league team.

A Forfeit is when the opposing team does not show up to play within the 15 minute grace period or does not contact the opposing Captain before hand to reschedule. To enter a forfeit, simply choose your team again instead of the opposing team when starting the match. A forfeit is worth the same amount of wins as the largest margin of victory for the season. Please Call or email league office of all forfeits.

Wins and losses will determine team standings. In leagues with 10 or more teams the top 6 will make the playoffs with the top 2 teams earning byes.  In leagues under 10 teams the top 4 teams will make the playoffs unless otherwise noted prior to the start of the season.

In the event of a tie in the standings the tie breaker will be head to head points.  If teams are tied in that as well than a playoff match must be played before the playoffs begin to determine a winner.

To be eligible for the play-offs, a player must have  played in at  least 50% or more of the regular season. That means in a 10 week season 5 matches are needed and in a 9 week season, 4 matches are needed.


Game Play  13 game Format   4-501, 4-crkt, 2-501, 2-crkt, 1-701

Cost to play 13 games is $13.00/ team, plus dues $8.00/team for ten weeks.

All games begin at 8:00 pm with a 15 min. grace period. A team may play with three players and skip or pass the missing persons shot to the next player. Once a match starts no other players except the missing player are allowed to play in that match.

It is each players responsibility to see that the machine is displaying their name prior to throwing any darts.  If a player throws when the machine is displaying an opponents name, the opponent has the option of accepting that score and allowing play to continue, or resetting the machine by using the player change button to the player who originally threw on the wrong turn and continue play.


Each player has approximately  7 seconds to pull his or her darts from the machine and to make sure that the 3 darts have registered.

The dart machine is always right.  If the machine is malfunctioning, both team captains will decide whether to play, to move to another location or to make up the match at a later date. Please report the malfunctioning machine name to: [email protected]
If the freeze rule applies, note the galaxy dart board will not tell you when you are frozen, but will tell you when you have broken the freeze rule in which at that point you will have lost that game.

*freeze rule- When it is your turn, you can’t go out if your partner has more points than your opponents combined total points.  It doesn’t matter what your score is.  If you do go out while you are frozen, you will lose the game. This part of the dart machines programming was put into its system to prevent ringers from dominating the leagues.